14. kesä, 2016

Life's essentials are wings, roots and great big dreams

25 -15 - 10 - 5 The closer to the due date we get the more intense the flutter of butterflies in our tummies. The preparations are well underway: the route is mapped, visas and insurance policies received, tenants agreed for our flat and the car serviced and packed. I’ve spent the last few days devouring the Finnish summer with my eyes, savouring those gently green birch trees, the blue glimmer of the lake and the all so familiar silhouette of my hometown, with its many hills and forests. My roots are most definitely here, in Finnish Savonia and I wish to engrave these much loved images deep in my mind and take them with me on the journey. When you know who you are and where you come from, it’s easier to approach different environments, people and cultures, with an open mind.
Our wedding anniversary also happens to be on the week before our departure. Our journey together has lasted 30 years so far! On the way here we have encountered many days filled with sunshine and gentle summer breeze, but at times we’ve also had to crawl on bleeding knees, with icy gales and sleet mercilessly lashing against our faces. Our shared goal and joined effort to make this dream come true have certainly strengthened our marriage, but one of the challenges we anticipate is the close proximity of two strong willed individuals living in a very confined space.
As well as being a partner, I have many other important roles in my life too. I’m a mother, a nana, a daughter, a sister and a friend. My heart feels torn as we draw closer to the time of goodbyes to family, friends and relatives for two whole years. So much will change in their lives while we’re gone and I can’t be there to share it all with them. Thankfully there’s modern technology to alleviate some of my heart ache! We’ll keep in touch via Skype, Facebook, Messenger and mobile.
So, what makes us leave? The wings that help us soar towards our dreams are on one hand our endless curiosity and thirst for adventure and on the other, the courage to trust in guidance and protection from above. We both also have an optimistic hunger for life and the desire to challenge ourselves. So as the brakes get lifted and two pairs of eyes peer through the windscreen at the open road ahead, the sense of freedom we experience can perhaps be likened to that of a bird who just found its wings.

Fancy joining us? Hop on board - let's go!