30. huhti, 2017

An evening in Punta del Diablo

We're enjoying the lingering warmth of the evening sun and watching the waves foam and crash on the cliffs of a small fishing town in Punta del Diablo, Uruguay. I can sense the salty aroma of the ocean, mixed in with a pungent smell of the seaweed on the beach. The nearby sandy beaches have all gone quiet, now that the holiday season is over and the locals have made their way back from the beaches to the cities, back to work and routine. We feel so happy to just sit here, in no rush, free from the ever increasing pressures of work life.

There's a seagull, flapping it's wings furiously against the wind and making the occasional dive to the churning water in hope of catching some supper. He's not the only one interested in the fish around here, soon enough the local fishermen will push their humble, wooden boats off the beach and head out to sea, returning in the morning with boats full of fresh fish, crabs and other sea creatures.

As we sit next to the car and sip our evening cups of tea, we come across a nice surprise. We hear both Finnish and Swedish spoken by locals who have stopped by for a chat. A middle aged couple explain to us in fluent Swedish, how they had lived in Sweden for a couple of decades, in order to escape the dictatorship of their home country at the time. A young girl shows us photos of snowy Finland on her phone and all of the sudden the world seems smaller somehow.
We venture out for a little walk on the promenade and watch the sunset paint the ocean in red. Little lanterns get lit outside the cafes and laid back Latina rhythms blast out of the speakers, enticing a few hungry customers to go inside. There are some hippy looking guys with dreadlocks selling handmade bracelets, loose cotton clothing, art and souvenirs. Wooden wind-chimes clang invitingly. There's a queue outside a stall, seems like everyone is after a churro for supper tonight! Churros are like deep fried long donuts and their popularity is no surprise, they really are delicious, especially with a chocolate filling!

Life here, on the southern shores of the Atlantic, is carefree. As millions of stars light up the sky over the dark sea, I search for the southern cross. This cross shaped constellation has aided sailors for centuries, helping them to steer their ships back home from the stormy seas. I feel a warmth within me, I sense that even though we're far from home, our lives are being guided by someone higher than our human minds and that we're being kept safe.