28. helmi, 2018

Glitz and Glamour in L.A.

We’re walking on a crowded street, framed by countless neon lights. I read some of the signs; Hard Rock Café, Madame Toussauds, Chinese Theatre…. Every shop is playing electronic music and we find ourselves in the midst of some super stylish city folk, as well as some interesting characters, such as Superman, King Kong and Minnie Mouse. We’ve arrived at the mecca of movies; Los Angeles. We walk along Hollywood boulevard and spot some of the industry’s biggest names imbedded in the marble sidewalk’s pink stars in golden letters.. Marilyn Monroe, Harrison Ford, Sylvester Stallone, Jack Nicholson, Celine Dion and Robin Williams are all among the names that we see, but the list is endless! We too, get to feel like we’ve “made it” for a moment, when our names are placed on a blank star, just long enough for a photo .


The whole city is largely dominated by the film industry. Road closures of motorways, or even bridges and runways are commonplace due to filming. Supercars are a regular sight; Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Mustangs and Lexus’ blend in the everyday traffic. Supertars reside in their scandalous Beverly Hills mansions worth millions of dollars, in all the comfort money could ever
buy, including jacuzzis, home cinemas, housekeeping staff and even helicopters.
At night, the city is never short of red carpets, shining dimonds and a bit of bling.

We take a break from the sea of people and step inside the Guinness World Records museum. Wax sculptures of the largest man and smallest woman ever recorded, are on show. Next to them, both of us feel pretty average, despite the 32cm height difference between us. I can’t help but laugh at the lenghts that people have gone to in order to get themselves in the book of records, doing things like eating as many cockroaches as quickly as possible, swallowing a staggering amount of swords, driving a motorpowered unicycle at extreme speeds and walking on fire for extended lengths of time.

We come across a parked ferrari and Pekka can’t help but grin boyishly when we notice a sign advertising the car for hire for 30 minutes at a time at quite a reasonable price. The engine roars as we whizz off together, with Pekka behind the wheel and me sat at the back with my hair flowing in the wind. We speed towards a vantage point for a chance to get some great pictures of the Hollywood sign and Leonardo DiCaprio’s house.

Our tour of L.A. continues on to the elitist Santa Monica beach. The sandy beach is quiet this time of the year, but the fair next to the iconic, century old pier, attracts tourists from all over the world to spend an evening of entertainment in this familiar scenery, made famous by many films.
Our main reason for visiting Santa Monica, is the western end of Route 66, America’s oldest highway running all the way from Chicago to here, the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Our 3755km road trip in the states is going to cross paths with this highway quite a few times in the next coup