29. kesä, 2018

We’ve come full circle

We’re sitting in a garden that belongs to a charming, 200 year old farm house. The views here in the Danish village of Otterup are beautiful. There are golden fields all around, and right behind them there’s the sea. We’re sipping on refreshing welcome drinks and chat away with our hosts like old friends. We’ve come to visit a couple who, perhaps without realising it, have made a big impact on our lives, even though we don’t really know each other. I guess random encounters can sometimes end up shaping life in unexpected ways. That’s what happened to us, anyways.

The last time we saw these people, was in Essauera, on the edge of the Sahara desert in Morocco. They were on their way back from a year of traveling around the world with their three daughters. The family were camped next to us, and we watched their happy, peaceful existence for a while before plucking up the courage to ask them about their trip. They we excited to tell us all about their year of adventure and it sparked a thought in us; “could that be us one day?”. That spark never died, but instead, it grew into a dream and then into a determined goal. After years of planning and preparing, we finally took that bold first step and let go of the never ending rat race of everyday life. The biggest challenge of our entire trip so far, has been that very first step.

Now, on our way back from two years of travel and incredible experiences, we’re sat face to face with the force that got us going in the first place. We exchange stories and experiences, and notice that travelling this way develops and moulds people in a certain way. Although we can’t converse with the Svenstrups in our native language, we can almost finish their sentences. These two years have been incredibly enriching and they have given us enough stories to share for nights on end. Yet, we have found that sometimes one has to travel far, in order to see what’s close more clearly. We all agree that traveling has highlighted to us what a “welfare state” actually is. Life is a bit easier around our neck of the woods, because we can rest assured that our government officials and authorities can be trusted, because everyone is expected to abide by the same rules and because our environment is clean and safe .

All this time apart from everyone we know and love has definitely shown us the importance of family and friends in our lives. We are very fortunate to have so many lovely people around us! I wish we’d remember to say that to each other a little more often! I can’t wait to hold all our loved ones back at home again! It’s good to go, but even better to return!